Why EverRising Productions?

Sight and sound are the driving senses of our digital age. For this reason, voice-overs and narrations are becoming a steady part of the modern world in which we live. They have become the symbol of an author desiring to reach as many people as possible with what they have to say (or write). Every year, publication companies and individual authors spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on hiring professional voice over talent. Many voice-over talents will charge upwards of $100 per hour to produce an audio work. At the end of the production, an author, or the publishing company, has spent thousands of dollars (sometimes tens of thousands) to produce 3 hours of high quality, professional, finished audio work

When new Christian authors desire to enter the world of voice over talent, they see the price tag of a professional narrator, and quickly realize that they can’t afford it. What is the result? They often try to do it themselves, causing quality and audio specifics within their work to suffer. On the top, it seems to save them money; but in the long run, it is very costly due to the lack of professional equipment and audio distractions in the background that will have to be edited out.

Churches also run into issues, but more so in the editing and “distribution” of their church services. Many churches want to record their services through audio or video (or both), but simply cannot afford to pay someone full time to do the work, and the people who are on staff simply don’t have to dedicate several hours every week to edit their services in video and audio. This is where EverRising Productions comes in.

EverRising Productions seeks to bring the Christian author, the church, and the professional audio/video world together by offering the quality that you find in the audiobooks and videos of the world, while being a good steward of the talents and finances that the Lord has entrusted us with. We can not only offer high quality audio recordings of written works, but also assist in promoting their work through the medium of video promotions. EverRising works with other Christian artists in both music and art to help bring the author’s work to life in a memorable, professional, and affordable way

EverRising Productions seeks to glorify our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ – and him alone – in all of the work that we do. After years in radio, video creation, and writing/publication management, we seek to use our God-given abilities and talents to work with Christian authors and churches, in an effort to extend the reach of Christian works and sermons into the much-needed realm of audio and video work.

If you would like specific information about audio/video editing (as well as website creation/hosting) for your church, or information about voice-overs to create an audiobook, please send us a message through the contact us page, and we will be more than happy to help you!